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  2. Virginia, Thanks for checking here for help with saving a timeline for offline use. The best solution available right now is to save the web page to the thumb drive directly from within your web browser. Most browsers have a "Save Page" feature that will save the main HTML page along with the additional files (e.g., styles, images, etc.) to a folder. To view the page later, you open the saved file that has a .html file extension. The below web page has instructions for saving a web page using the Chrome web browser: How to Save Web Pages in Google Chrome I hope this helps you save a copy of your daughter's timelines to the thumb drives. We plan to make this easier in the future by adding a "Save Timeline to PDF" feature. Thanks, Panda Timelines Support
  3. My daughters made timelines as an assignment for their History class. I need to somehow save them to a thumb drive portfolio. Is there a way to do that? If not, I guess we could just print them out, but I'm trying to avoid that if possible. Thanks, Virginia
  4. John, Thanks for contacting us. With Panda Timelines you can create a timeline that includes both historical and ancestry events. After registering a free account, go to the "My TImelines" page and then choose "Create a Standard TImeline" to get started. A standard timeline supports dates between January 1, 0001 and December 31, 9999. As you add timeline events, they will automatically display in the proper date order in the timeline. You mentioned that you are creating a family history book. Is this an online book or physical printed book? Thanks, -DougO
  5. Want to create a timeline that includes world historical events and key ancestry dates for a family history book. jn
  6. day and month removal

    I went ahead and added a new date display mode that does what I believe you requested. I set your timeline to it, so please let me know if it looks right. The date display mode is set by clicking on the "Display Settings" button on the left of the edit page. There is a "Default Date Display" setting with a variety of different date formats. The new one is "2016" which indicates to only display the year. If you want to go back to your previous setting, change that setting to "July 2016". Btw, I've noticed a number of "Distance Learning" timelines. Is this perhaps part of a college assignment? Thanks, DougO Panda TImelines Team
  7. day and month removal

    Greetings, Thanks for using Panda Timlines! Let me make sure I understand how you would like your timeline to display. Dates are displayed in two places on the timeline. The first is the date/month marker that appears in a little box on the timeline in between the timeline entries. This box appears each time a new year/month starts. The second place is that each timeline entry has its date displayed along with it. Is it correct that you'd like to disable the dates that appear on each timeline entry and have the date/month marker show only the year? Once I understand exactly how you'd like to the dates to be displayed I can look into adding a new option for it. Thanks, DougO Panda TImelines Team
  8. day and month removal

    I want only they year and not the day and month. Can this happen?
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    Welcome to the Suggestions and Feedback forum. We welcome your ideas and suggestions for improving the Panda Timelines site! Panda Timelines Support
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    Welcome to the Issues and Bugs forum. Please use this forum to report any problems or issues you have using the Panda Timelines site. Panda TImelines Support
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    This forum provides updates on site impacting issues and incidents. This can include both planned and unplanned site outages. Panda TImelines Support
  12. Please use this forum to discussion questions or issues related to creating and editing timelines. Panda Timelines Support
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    Welcome to the general discussion forums. Please use this forum to discussion timeline issues that don't fit in one of the more specific forums. Panda Timelines Support
  14. Post your timelines here!

    This forum is dedicated to sharing timelines you create with the community. One of the great things about the web is the ability to share your thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world. Sharing a timeline that you created with the community here is a great way to let everyone see and enjoy your work.
  15. Panda Timelines goes Live!

    We are excited to announce the launch of Panda Timelines, a web site devoted to creating free timelines for personal, family, fandom, or historical topics! A timeline can be a great way to capture your family history, a special trip, a historical event, future plans, or anything that you are passionate about. Events in a timeline can contain a title, description, picture, video, and links to external pages. Creating and sharing a timeline with your friends, family, or community has never been easier! Get started now by registering a free account and create your first timeline today. Please stay tuned over the next few months as we will be announcing upcoming features to make creating and viewing timelines even better. We hope you will enjoy our new site. If you have any questions, comments or suggestion please send them our way. Sincerely, The Panda Timelines Team
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